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When adding a user to your blog, you need to use the link circled in the picture below. This is the only one that goes to the LDAP (Active Directory) server.

Only type the pirateid in the username field. Omit the

Adding a user to WordPress



Academic Technologies recently performed an audit on all of the installed plugins in our WordPress environment to evaluate them using our plugin evaluation criteria. Reasons a plugin was removed might have been any of the following:

  • Many of the installed plugins no longer worked
  • Were not being used
  • Weren’t being maintained anymore
  • Wouldn’t work with the current version of WordPress
  • Had security issues
  • Had the functionality built into the core now and were no longer relevant
  • Duplicated functionality.

国内加速访问Github的办法,超级简单 - 知乎:2021-5-9 · 但国内访问GitHub的速度实在是慢得一匹,在clone仓库时甚至只有10k众下的速度,大大影响了程序员的交友效率。 GitHub在国内访问速度慢的问题原因有很多,但最直… 写文章 国内加速访问Github的办法,超级简单 扩展迷Extfans 发现有趣的网站,玩转 ...

There are more plugins that duplicate functionality, and they will be replaced in time as we migrate the content to the selected plugin for a given functionality.

After auditing and performing a thorough review on all of our plugins, the following plugins have been removed:

  • BadgeOS
  • 怎样可众上国外网站
  • DBD Login Style
  • Dynamic Content Gallery
  • FeedBurner Widget
  • Flashcard Plugin
  • GD Star Rating
  • Hybrid Byline
  • Multi-level Navigation Plugin
  • Multisite Enhancements
  • Onswipe
  • Query Multiple Taxonomies
  • 国内如何上国外网站
  • Simple Sitemap
  • 如何在国内连接国外网站
  • SlideDeck for WordPress – Slider Widget
  • Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening
  • Super Cool QRCode
  • Tabbed Widgets
  • Twitter for WordPress
  • 在国内访问国外网站
  • WP Missed Schedule
  • pageMash
  • 怎样可众上国外网站
  • 国内如何访问国外的网站
  • Ajax Edit Comments
  • Easy Content Templates
  • Eclipse Crossword Integration
  • Embedded Video
  • FD Feedburner Plugin
  • 怎样才能浏览国外网址
  • Follow
  • Fourteen Colors
  • Mingle Forum
  • MobilePress
  • My Link Order
  • NextGen Cooliris Gallery
  • SSH SFTP Updater Support
  • SlideShare
  • 怎样可众上国外网站
  • Sociable
  • Super Search
  • Terms of Use
  • Twitter Tools
  • 打开国外网站
  • WP Video Lightbox
  • 789网络加速器 — 最稳定的网络加速器,畅玩全球:2021-6-3 · 789加速器目前针对网民访问国内外网络游戏、对战平台、跨境电商外贸人员无障碍浏览网站视频,加速访问全球网站,强力“穿墙”多个私有化私密协议,特有的国内外智能分流技术,全球多地区无限流量服务器多种设备用户端,无论在哪里,都能完美解决你的上网难题!
  • WPtouch Mobile Plugin
  • Websimon Tables



The ability to turn on plugins has been temporarily turned off for blog administrators while we conduct a review of all plugins and themes.   If you are a blog administrator and wish to have a plugin turned on please submit a Feature/Plugin ticket.

Submit a Ticket for a Feature/Plugin



Our WordPress installation does not automatically convert to Daylight Savings Time. To update your blog’s time, log in to WordPress. Go to your Dashboard. In the Settings tab on your Dashboard’s sidebar menu, choose the General option.

In the General Settings, choose UTC-4 for Eastern Daylight Savings Time and UTC-5 for Eastern Standard Time.